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Vinyasa the Technique of body Movements with Breathing

Ashtanga Yoga professes the use of Vinyasa while performing Yogic poses. Vinyasa involves synchronization of physical movements with breathing. The technique helps create the deeper awareness of self through rhythm which is very useful in meditation.

Vinyasa also helps to engage and disengage in all asanas and connects muscular movements with breath. Inhaling air expands the ribs and belly, and with proper yogic techniques helps to extend the spine. Exhaling naturally contracts both the ribs and the abdomen leading to contraction of the spine. Generally speaking, while you inhale you can move into a pose and create upward movements and extend the spine. Moving into a pose is against the gravity and requires effort. Moving out of the pose is towards the gravity and movement is downwards which leads to contraction of the spinal cord.


Vinyasa is best used in warming up and during sun and moon salutations. It is a part of every routine in Ashtanga Yoga teacher training Rishikesh. The regular practice of Vinyasa with yogic pose helps to build strength, helps master the poses and increases body heat. In the beginning, Vinyasa may cause discomfort, but with practice the discomfort vanishes. Vinyasa is the way to increase focus and awareness and deepen the meditative process which is an integral part of all forms of Yoga.

The one thing that should be kept in mind while practicing Vinyasa is to pay attention to the proper alignment of muscular movement and breath movement. The best way is to practice the Ujjayi Pranayama breathing technique. There are many other ways to practice Vinyasa and the best way is to join a Yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. Rishikesh being the yoga capital has many yoga shalas which will cater to your specific needs.

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