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Code of conduct - Yoga teacher training programme

The Yoga philosophy of Patanjali begins with the sutra Athah Yoga Anushasanam which means the Now, the exposition on the discipline of yoga begins. It is one of the important aspects in the study of Yoga as it requires the practice of discipline to maintain the inner harmony, balance with self and the society.

The yoga teacher training program expects the students to follow certain basic code of conduct which are repeatedly taught in the classical texts of Yoga in the form of Yama, the social code of conduct and niyama the rules of personal observances to achieve the maximum benefits of the teacherr training course as well as to make the experience of the students most rewarding and memorable.

The students are expected to follow this code of conduct during their course time.

1) Arrival: Participants are expected to arrive one day prior to the training course to ensure smooth journey in the teacher training programme
2) Payments o Fees: Students are required to pay their complete course fees before the beginning of the course and they should complete all the registration formalities.
3) Attendance: To ensure the successful participation in the course attendance is compulsory.
4) Punctuality: To achieve the objectives of the courses and to enhance the benefits of Yoga, the daily course schedule and meals time are specifically designed. The students are requested to follow the punctuality with these timings. Coming late in the classes, remaining absent in any module of the course are not allowed
5) Sincerity: Respect and sincerity is important in the tradition of yoga particularly for the tradition and to the teachers. Unnecessary arguments, misbehavior and disrespect in the training are not allowed.
6) Accommodation: Students should keep his/her room clean and neat. Necessary sanitation services are provided and students shall approach the front desk for the cleaning of the rooms. They are also advised to keep room secure under lock and key.
7) Guests: Students are not allowed to entertain the unauthorized guests
8) Dressing: Considering the local culture and traditions student are asked to wear decent cloth
9) Restriction: Smoking, use of alcohol, and others drugs are strictly prohibited/restricted in the campus of the training programme
10) Grievances: For any kind of the issues or grievances either with health or with the facilities or course you shall approach the front desk/Manager or teacher respectively
In nut shell, Code of the conduct in the Yoga teacher training programme expects the students to behave fairly and courteously in line with basic principles of Yoga.

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200 Hours Registered Yoga Schoo in Rishikesh Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh
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