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Our Yoga Teachers

Naveen Raj

Naveen Raj
Naveen Raj is also known as Yogi Naveen. He is from Kshatriya family. He is a spiritual seeker. After closely observation of life, he has realized that worldly pleasure is not real and long lasting. He felt divine inner urge to tread on the path of spirituality and assimilated of the eight limbs of Patanjali Ashtang Yoga, teachings of Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Ramayana and Swami Vivekananda, without any dilutions and modifications. To him, life is the subject of self research.

He is adept in the ancient sciences of Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Living. He speaks Hindi and English languages fluently. He loves to interact with people, talking about life and travels widely to gain and impart spiritual knowledge.

He holds master degree in Psychology, certificates in Yoga Science. He is also certified in Life Skill Training. He has worked for decades in the profile of training and teaching in various organizations in India. He is an acclaimed speaker on various topics of Yoga, Meditation, Mind and Body Management, Relationship, Stress Management, Self Healing and Life Skills.

Ganesh Prasad - Pranayama, Asana and Kriyas

Ganesh Prasad
Ganesh Prasad did his Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga from Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, which deepened his further interest in Yoga to study M.Sc in Yogic Science and Holistic Health from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya and further he is pursuing his PhD in Yoga from Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar.

Ganesh Prasad has had the opportunity of being the guest of honour at a conference at The Italian Yoga Federation, Assisi, where he also conducted workshops. He has held yoga workshops in Cagliari, Italy as well. He has also participated as a yoga expert in the Indian festival of India in Bangkok.

Ganesh Prasad has taught and conducted several workshops in India and abroad and has gained rich teaching experience through his teachings at Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga.

He was a part of the tableaux of the Ministry of AYUSH at the 2015 Republic Day of India and showcased the physical practices of yoga.

Rohithaksa - Asanas, Practicum

Rohithaksha is RYT with Yoga Allaince, USA and received his Masters in Yogic Science from Mangalore University Karnataka. He has been experienced as a Yoga Therapist in PG centre Mangalagangothri Mangalore and later he served as Yoga Therapist in J S S Hospital Mysore .

He has also been trained in Bihar School of Yoga, Munger and Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy, Divine life society Rishikesh to deepen his understandings of Yoga philosophy and practices.

Rohithaksha has conducted a number of Yoga camps in various parts of Karnataka and has attended seminars at New Delhi viz Moraji Desai National Institute for Yoga and Central Research Council for Yoga.

Sandeep - Yoga Nidra, Prnayama and Kriyas

Sandeep did his Masters in Yoga from Sanskrit University, Haridwar.

He has been trained in Yoga by traditional teachers of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama and Parmarth Nikethan Ashram of Rishikesh. He Specializes in the teachings of Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Hatha Yoga techniques.

Dr. Vibha Sharma - Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Vibha Sharma
Dr. Vibha Sharma has been a pioneer in the establishment of Ojashvi Yoga shala as a place of Ayurveda. She has completed her Bachelors in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak. Panchkarma Therapies (the branch of Ayurveda dealing in detoxifying the body) are her specialty. She is an excellent trainer and teacher and has been helping people reach their potential for the past 25 years. An integral part of Ojashvi Yoga Shala since its inception, she takes immense pleasure in sharing her knowledge with students. She takes a special interest in curing people of various diseases which are said to be incurable by modern medical science. Taking pleasure in curing keeps her going on and has been the driving force in inventing really effective medicines for body disorders like sinusitis, piles, digestive problems, Diabetes Miletus and Blood pressure.

Dr. Vibha is a creative person who has been inventing and innovating for the health benefits of her patients. She is on the panel of many health forums and committees. She also has appeared on various talk shows and programmes on TV channels which include Doordarshan, ZEE News and Pragya TV.

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200 Hours Registered Yoga Schoo in Rishikesh Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh Registered Yoga School in Rishikesh
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